Tech Bytes

December 11, 2014

Winter Break Shutdown

Please shutdown ALL computers.

Mark your calendars!

January 21st, after school, is your next Tech PD class. Roberson, Haren, Howard & Yeargin will share new tools from the Tech Conference.

Teacher Tech Support

If you need help or want to learn something, I have slots available after school at 2:45 to work with you! Just book it on the Tech Lab 1 calendar ahead of time so I can be prepared!

Device Checkout

Next semester we are trying a new device checkout method. We will try is for at least 9 weeks and then discuss what works and what doesn't at leadership. You will see the device checkout sheet has been slightly modified.

  • The iPad cart will be housed in the ORANGE Pod.
  • Chromebook carts will be housed in the BLUE Pod.
  • If you want to check out one over the weekend, please make sure you return the device bright and early Monday Morning.

iPad Assignments

  • Prek-K: #1-12 (5th Grade)
  • First: #13-24 (4th Grade)
  • Support Areas: #25-30 (3rd Grade)

If upper grade levels need iPads for a project they cannot use Chromebooks for, they will work with the grade level assigned above. Please contact the grade level tech rep.

Friendly Reminders

  • Please make sure you are closing out ALL apps before returning the devices to the cart. This requires you to double press on the home button and then swipe the apps up to close them out.
  • CLEAN THE SCREENS!!! You can wipe iPads off with a clorox wipe or Windex.
  • Feel free to the updates or see your grade level rep for help!

Chromebook Assignments

  • 5th: 1-15, 17-20
  • 4th: #21-23, 25-40
  • 2nd & 3rd: #41-55
  • Support Areas: #56-60

Please show your kids how to remove multiple users. If you don't know how, let me show you!

If more Chromebooks are needed for activities, please contact the tech rep of the appropriate grade level you would like to borrow from.

Contact Yeargin to push out apps to students on Chromebooks.

Nexus Tablets

Nexus Tablets will be shared between 2nd & 3rd Grades. Students will use the login that corresponds with the tablet number. Contact Yeargin to push out apps to these users.
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Grade Level Tech Ninjas

Prek: Grace

K: Borngesser

1: Roberson

2: Trussell

3: Howard

4: Shimshick

5: Haren


If you equipment is broke, please put in a tech work order. Emails and verbal notifications get lost!

If your projector is broke and you have not reported it, please put in a work order!

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