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We continued to work on writing this week. We took a step back this week to learn how to 'work smarter, not harder.' We learned how to look at a prompt and the question it asks us as writers to write and turn that into our topic sentence. Our prompt was as follows: How are "Martina the Beautiful Cockroach" and "Inchworm's Tale" similar and different? Use evidence from both to support your response. So often we struggle with the first sentence in our paragraphs. Learning this simple and useful trick was an easy way to write the first sentence in our paragraph so that we can focus more on our reasons or points. We then went back into our comparison and contrast prompt, brainstormed by creating a class Venn diagram, brainstormed and voted on what our focus was going to be (2 similarities and 1 difference, or 2 differences and 1 similarity). From there we created our TIDE graphic organizer (again to pull out what we wanted to focus on) and wrote our paragraph. We wrote sentence by sentence, looking at revisions and editing as we went along. We finally looked at our original prompts before we had gone through this process and compared what we did then to what we know now. We will practice this process next week and test over it as well.

We also worked on verb tenses this week. We went back to our trusty pointer practice and realized the importance of verb tense consistency. We worked on recognizing when verbs are in the past, present and future. We also revisited helping verbs and main verbs. We touched briefly on irregular verbs which is what our grammar focus will be next week.

Social Studies

We are heading into North America this coming week. We worked on reading a map index and discussed latitude and longitude. We will be reading about North America and connecting it to main idea and supporting details so we will be learning and reading quite a bit about the rivers, cities, mountains and other landforms that make up North America. Continue to use to study the 50 states. We will be testing the kids on their knowledge of states by region (we will start with the southwest region since it's the smallest). Students will need to know the state and its abbreviation. This will be done like their multiplication quizzes; they need to pass one region before they move on to the next.

Kara Merriman

This was a rough week for me as I was ill on Monday and most of this week. Thankfully the kids took care of me and were real troopers as they saw a less peppy version of Mrs. Merriman. I am on the mend so there is now more pep in my step!

Thank you for all you do! It was great to see you celebrate Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday!

Up and Coming Info

Flyers were sent home on Thursday regarding painting ornaments on Monday, November 23. It is $4.00 to paint one and it's a great opportunity to have a fun tangible memory of 3rd grade. They will be back in time for winter break. Please send money in by this coming Wednesday so we can have an accurate count.

Progress reports went out on Wednesday.

CES Skate Night: November 19 6-8pm

Food Drive for CES Families in need will end on November 17.

Thanksgiving break: November 25-27

We have been reading the novel Frindle after lunch before content mastery. It's about a boy named Nick who decides to challenge his English teacher by making up a new word for the word 'pen.' He calls it a 'Frindle,' and the word takes off in his school. SO if you hear your child asking to write with a Frindle, now you know the reason as to why:)