Neils Bohr

by: Stacie, Preston, Kenzie, Lacie

Who Was Neils?

Neils Bohr was a scientist

Where Did Neils Work?

Bohr was working for J.J. Thomson when he was introduced to Earnest Rutherford with whom he began studying the atom.

When Were Neils's Observations?

Neil was born in 1885. He earned a doctorate in 1911. In 1912, he began his studies with J.J. Thomson. He earned a Nobel Prize in 1922.

What Did Neils Discover?

He explained what happens inside an atom and developed a picture of atomic structure. Proposed that electrons traveled only in certain, excessively larger orbits.

How Did Neils Make His Observations?

He combined Rutherford's description of the nucleus and Planck's theory about quanta to expand on their observations, creating his own.

Why Is Neils Important?

He was the first to discover that electrons travel in separate orbits.