Utopia- The Perfect Korea

United Countries

The government have overpowered Kim Jong Un and have united the north and south part of Korea. Now it is safe to visit the beautiful peninsula and not be scared by the nuclear bombs, but feel safe and secure in the security of two countries. Now the government has become more powerful, but the people still has the right to vote for the leaders. Citizens have connections with other powerful nations, and has the right to send distress signals if government is leading the country to disaster. These signals can be easily traced and if it is misused, punishment will be severe.


Due to the generosity of the citizens and other countries, we have enough money to support everybody. Everybody has enough money to get a proper education, and it will be up to the people to choose which job they wish to do. If the people doesn't use money properly and doesn't get a job that can afford them, we will not help them because it is their fault that they didn't use money properly. However, we shall support the parents of that person who are retired, and the child too if they were against using the money properly. Once it is certain that they have enough money to support their education, food, etc, it will be up to them to support their lives. This way, we won't go stupid and our economy will grow stronger. This is practically the survival of the fittest, except that humans can't play dirty.


We have built up a powerful military, and our satelite can see the whole of Korea in detail. Underground sensor will sense any suspicious activity happening underground and can detect natural disaster. Korea's perimeter, airports, seaports, subway, and borders between cities are closely guarded, and there are spy satelites in space which can detect any suspicious activity in neighboring countries. We have set up couple of police stations in every city, and all shops and terminals will be closely watched via camera. We have couple of towers that shoot light to places in Korea to communicate if internet is not working (very old, I know).


There will be schools in every city, and prices depend on the quality of the city. Teachers go through tests that proves their skill in teaching, and until early high school, schools shall teach you math, science, language, etc, until late high school, where you are experienced enough to choose your own interest to study. Any students who misses school more than 5 times on purpose (if you miss school due to sickness, visa, etc it is fine) will be suspended and will strongly effect them applying for another school. School is 8 hours a day on weekdays, and on Saturday it is 6 hours for free (no payment, your choice if you want to come or not). Students who fall behind are required to use their own time to catch up.


In every city there are, ports (the ones near the coast), airports, subways, buses, taxis, private jet and helicopters, and cars. Airplanes leaves right on time and you can always rent private transportation, so you can get around Korea really fast. However, airplanes will not wait for you, so it is up to you to make it on time. Using this method, we force our citizen to be more alert, and we won't grow stupid and useless like we might when everything is there for us. We also have roads to different countries in case people might want to walk or excercise.

Source of Power and Architecture

Our citizens have enough money to buy houses for themselves, so we tore down buildings to make our houses. Our houses are tall rather than wide, which eats up less space and therefore more eco-friendly. Our houses are meant to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados. We have not fought over the amount of land we are meant to have, because we have our houses and good security. Our power sources are eco-friendly as well, using solar energy, aquatic energy, and wind energy. We have also managed a way to convert the force of natural disaster in to friendly energy, and that is very useful because of the amount of energy in the disaster and loss of harm.

Questions and Answers

--What kind of a community is it? (a school, country, city, etc.)


--How will it be governed or regulated?

Democratic government

--What will be the difficulties in creating/sustaining this community?

The citizens misuse of their wealth and power

--How will we make sure that everyone is (and stays) happy?

Make sure everybody gets proper education and spends money wisely

(what are things people need to feel good?)

Money, shelter, food, water, all of which we are giving to them, and more

--How will we prevent this from becoming a dystopia?(aka “a controlled, repressive state”)

We will make sure that the citizens will not riot against us and not use their money stupidly

--In what ways are we accounting for human nature (and habits)?

People need protection and money, we are giving more than enough so that people can buy what they need.

--What is your role as a member in this community?

If I had to, one of the leaders of the government, but I would rather it take a few years, so that the citizens learn how lucky they are and how quickly they can misuse their power and wealth.