Olmos Library Newsletter

January/February 2015

Circulation Stats by Grade Level


Kinder- 115

1st- 167

2nd- 315

3rd- 473

4th - 339

5th- 430


Kinder- 156

1st- 168

2nd- 313

3rd - 450

4th - 201

5th- 250

3rd Grade Research

3rd grade classes came into the library for a co-teach research unit about Forces of Nature. Each class chose 1 force of nature to focus on during the library portion of the research unit. By the end of the unit students will have learned about the types, locations, and causes of Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface (blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires and volcanic eruptions) and will be able to explain how to prepare for and respond to them. Students Final Project was to create a Discovery Education Board using the information they gathered.

Bluebonnet Raffle and Voting

Students in grades 3rd-5th who read at least 5 or more Bluebonnet books and passed the tests received a raffle ticket for each passing score. In addition to receiving raffle tickets students were also given voter registration cards.

On January 29 students placed their tickets in the bucket for the Grand Prize they would like to be eligible for and winners were announced on January 30. Voter registration cards were issued on January 29 and students had to come to the library on January 30 with their card and vote for their favorite Texas Bluebonnet book.

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Dog In Boots

Kindergarten classes read Dog In Boots and used their prediction and retelling skills. Once we were done reading then students worked on the letter D in their Kindergarten ABC Journal and matched the correct boots to how they were used in the story.

Fiction vs Non Fiction

1st and 2nd grade reviewed how to identify Fiction and Non Fiction books using several print resources that were shown by the librarian. Students then took turns determining if a book was Fiction or Non Fiction using a Smartboard activity.
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Bluebonnet Breakfast

Students who earned a Bluebonnet Voter Registration card were able to attend the Texas Bluebonnet Breakfast that was held in the library on February 20 from 7:00-7:30 AM. Formal invitations and RSVP cards were delivered to each student.

During the Bluebonnet Breakfast students enjoyed some breakfast treats, a trivia game about various Bluebonnet books, prizes, and a smelly pen as well as curly straw.

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Kindergarten Research

Kindergarten monolingual classes researched Animals and bilingual classes researched Jobs. Monolingual classes chose 1 animal for their students to research and completed their Animal Research Journal using books and Pebble Go. Bilingual classes grouped students and assigned a Job (i.e. fire fighter, doctor, etc.). Bilingual classes used electronic resources and hands on activities during their research project. The following is a list of what was used for the Job Unit:

*Photo Card Sort- Small groups of students sort photo cards into groups of items that go together.

*Who am I? - Students will read along with the librarian the mystery job eBooks. They will solve the mysteries and write the name of each worker in the numbered spaces on the Mystery Jobs sheet.

*Job and Tools Investigation using QR Codes- Students used the iPad to watch videos, look at pictures of tools, and gather additional information on Pebble Go by scanning QR codes for their designated job. All information is to be gathered on the Job Note Taking Sheet and will be used for the final project.

*Final Project- Students used the photo sort cards and took pictures of their assigned job using the iPad. With teacher assistance students were then able to use the 30 Hands App to create a narrated slideshow of their pictures and provide details about each picture (i.e. the tools and what the job was).

All for the LOVE of books!

To celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday PK-2nd grade got to read Pete the Cat. Valentine's Day is Cool. After the story students wrote about what they like to do with their friend and then draw a picture.

The library received NEW BOOKS and Ms. Olivares created a display for inside the library and with help from Mrs. Sordo they created a bulletin board in the hallway. Both displays celebrated Valentine's Day as well as the new books that were ready to be checked out.

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