Railroad Transportation

By: Alexis Heininger and Hannah Wheeler

Differences Between American Railroads and British Railroads

British and American railroads are different in many ways. For example, British railroads ran on straight tracks on flat ground. Meanwhile, across the ocean, the United State's railroads runs up and down steep mountains and around tight curves.

Wagon Travel vs Locomotive Travel

There are many differences between wagon and locomotive travel. Wagon travel is ran on very bumpy roads, making it uncomfortable to travel on. On the other hand, locomotives travel on railroads, making it more of a smoother ride. Also, wagons are ran manually, usually by horses. However, locomotives are ran on an engine that makes the train run itself.

California Railroads

California was a weak, isolated state before railroads. California's growth started out with the transcontinental railroad. It allowed California to grow a stronger economy. Railroads helped to establish many towns and settlements Also, during the Gold Rush period, railroads were highly important for transportation.