Country Project


Country Basics

  • The country that I am doing is Afghan.
  • The capital of Afghan is Kabul.
  • Each color of thins flag is a symbol of their history.
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  • Afghan is in Asia. The country's around Afghan are, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan.
  • Two major physical feathers are Pamir Mt, Karakorum Mt, and The Himalayas.
  • Some major landmarks in Afghan are Kabul Old City, Jim Minaret, and Khyber Pass.
  • Harirud river and Helmand are some major body's of water in Afghan.
  • The Afghans lived in bad conditions because of their lack of recourses


  • Afghans government is an Islamic Republic.
  • The leader of Afghan is Ashraf Ghani.
  • The leader is chosen in Afghan.


  • The county Afghan is a poor.
  • The money in Afghan is called Afghani.
  • The main export for Afghan is Raw wheat, and the main import is Peat.
  • The life expectancy of Afghan is 44.21, the Birth rate 5.1-5.7, literacy rate for men is 43.1 female 12.6


  • The people of Afghan normally wear a hat. turban, and a coat.
  • The two major languages are Pashto and Dari.
  • Ahmad Zohar is the major artist in Afghan.
  • The holydays in Afghan are, Mewled, Liberty Day, New Years Day, Mujahedeen victory day, Independence Day, Eid ul-Fitr, Martyrs Day, Day of Arafa, Eid al-Adha.
  • Hafaras and Tajiks are the main religions in Afghan.
  • Pulao, Qubli pulao, and Shorma are some of the meals in Afghan.
  • The Afghans god to plays watch music videos and listen to music for entrainment.


  • The high in Afghan is 120'F.
  • 32.7 is the average amount of average rainfall in Afghan.
  • The summers in Afghan are hot 90-100'F.
  • The climate affects the environment by the water and the food resources.


1.Second Anglo-Afghan war: Afghanistan refused a British diplomatic mission, provoking a second Anglo-Afghan.

2. The Persian government sent two large armies to regain Kandahar Province but suffered defeat by the Afghans.

Conpare and Contrast

1.In Afghan the girl have to wear a cloth or a mask over there face. In the US girls can just wear regular clothes instead of a mask or cloth over their face.

2.Currency (money) in the US is called "US dollars". In Afghan money is called "Afghani".