Mr. Beaver

A small but smart talking beaver

by Colin campbell

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About Me

I am also known as He-Beaver some peaple say I have a sense of humor, and I dispise the white witch very very much .but I belive Aslan will defeat her once and for all,I aslo have a beautiful dam that I work very hard on it and if anyone trys to do anything to it anything they wont know what hit them.

When I hear Aslans name...

When I hear Aslans name I see in my mind the witch falling to her death, he will defet her I prommise you when others hear his name they might fell scared, happy ,mysterious, but I fell mighty prod because he is the true king of naria not that silly old witch!!!! heh,that silly old witch.

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father christmas"s gift

what father christmas got me was a brand new dam its more beautiful than it was before here it is look . Father christmas got my wife a new sewing machine, I mean its the only she likes in the house.Andhe also gave the four children gifts a well a sword, healing juice, a bow and arrow, man and he says their tools, shesh.

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favorite quote

my favorite quote is ''it means '', said Aslan ''that though witch knew the deep magic ,there is a magic depper''... it is my favorite quote beacause it proves the witch was not smart enough and Aslan lives!!!!!

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link to sight

This is a place unlike naria but there is fun things to do, and fun sights to see, enjoy!

my video

This is a video about how much us beaver work on are dams it's some hard work