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What's in Our ELAR Curriculum?

YAGs, Unit Overviews, and Scopes

Find all these documents in your K-12 Curriculum Docs folder in your ELAR folder.

  • The Year-at-a-Glance (a.k.a. YAG) is your primary document for curriculum in Little Elm ISD. Every grade level K-ENG IV has a YAG for curriculum planning.
  • The Unit Overview provides more detail and specifics for each unit listed on the YAG. In the past, not every grade has had a Unit Overview for ELAR. We are working to fix that! The Unit Overview format is also currently under revisions across content in LEISD to make it easy to read & use! The information within each unit will be very similar to what you have used in the past, but the format will be restructured for easier viewing. Some grade levels will see the new Unit Overview format this year; others will see the new format next year.
    Old format-->one Google Spreadsheet with all units
    New format-->separate Google Docs for each unit
  • The Grammar and Spelling Scope & Sequence documents are provided for grades 1-5. This scope was provided by fabulous LEISD teachers to help align the detailed grammar and spelling TEKS across the year. (Sorry SLAR teachers, these documents are only for ELAR TEKS at this time.)
  • The Course Overview documents are now being discontinued and are only provided this year for English III and English IV. Expect to see only YAGs and Unit Overviews next year.


Units of Study in K-8

This is an exciting year with Units of Study in Writer's Workshop happening across LEISD from K-8th grade! If you are missing a kit or mentor texts, please enter your needs in the form below. We do have some extras in our textbook warehouse. Even if we don't have what you need, we would love to add your needs to our "wishlist" for the future.
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Reading & Writing Fall Assessments

See the calendar for ELAR assessments--both LEISD and STAAR testing dates.

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Technology News

  • Find login & access information for textbook resources in the Google Doc here. You can find this doc and more helpful resources in the ELAR Technology folder (...another great reason to add the ELAR folder to your Google Drive!).
  • Istation has been put on hold by the state. They are currently evaluating options for 3-8th grade, and Istation is one of them. We should know whether Istation is returning by February or March of 2016.


Lexile Reading Levels, Building Early Writing Skills, Alphabet Linking Charts, & High-Frequency Words

  • K-12 teachers are creating a common reading level language by adding the Lexile reading levels! The ICLE folks (same folks who authored our Rigor & Relevance Framework), recommend using the Lexile as a data measure for reading.
    Our LEISD Reading Level correlation chart, which includes the Lexile, DRA/EDL, and Guided Reading levels, can be found here-->Link
  • K teachers: Our new Kindergarten BOY writing unit "Building Early Writing Skills" is here!--> Link
  • K-2 teachers: After Guided Reading training this summer, teachers requested uniform Linking Charts to be used by all K-2 teachers as they reinforce the alphabet with the sounds of the letters. The idea is to create consistency for students across teachers and across grades, with the same pictures associated with the sounds of the alphabet. You can find those resources in English & Spanish here.
  • K-2 teachers: High-frequency words aligned K-2 are here and ready to support your work with the Standards Based Report Card (SBRC). This resource is recommended this year; next year all teachers will be expected to use the new resource. You can find the lists, assessment tracking chart, and flip cards here-->Link

Notice & Note

6-12 Grade Teachers are Supporting Fiction Comprehension with Notice & Note This Year!

Goals for roll-out:
  • 1-2 signposts/ week
  • Reinforced all year long with Fiction and in other genres, when applicable

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