Human Impact The Great Barrier Reef

By: Tram Bui

Human Impact The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seve wonders of the natural world. It is also larger than the Great Wall of China.

It is off northeast coast of Australia's state of Queensland.

Humans has impact the Great Barrier Reef by causing pollution problems. There are tons of ways that humans have added harmful pollutants into our oceans that can cause serious damage to the ocean.

Deforestation, although it's not directly involved in coral reefs destruction, it has many indirect effect that cause many issues.

Over-fishing is one main issue that has harm the Great Barrier Reef. Disruptive things have hurt coral reefs. Cyanide fishing is a common fishing method used by 15 countries in the world. Cyanide is dumped into the ocean and stun the fish for more easier harvesting.

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