What's Happening at Rockwood Prep?

October 5, 2020

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A Message from the Principals

Hey hey RPA! Can you believe we've already been in school for 4 weeks!? Although we have faced our share of bumps in the road along the way, we are excited to say that week three was a great success! Most students are now online, participating, completing work, and showing what they know each day. Our goal for October is to catch those few students who are still not fully participating before they fall too far behind.

We would like to thank parents who were able to join Coffee with the Principals and our Native Language Community Circle Zoom meetings at the end of September. We appreciated the positive and constructive feedback on what we are doing well and what we could improve upon. We value your patience and willingness to collaborate with our RPA staff during this time of change and uncertainty! We hope to see more of you at our October meetings!

This month we will be focusing on attendance and students who have missing work.

What counts for attendance?

  • Participating in daily Meet with your classroom teacher
  • Turning in your daily lessons
  • Emailing/Messaging your teacher

Like in school, attendance is not based solely on students participating and turning in work. Attendance is based on being present. If you know your student will miss a day, like always, please let your child's teacher know so he or she is not counted absent!

Just like in the classroom, missing work adds up quickly and can fast become overwhelming for our students! If your student is missing work, please reach out to the classroom teacher to develop a plan to get caught up. We are here to support our students and will make every effort to help prevent a mountain of work accumulating!

This is a year unlike any other, and we want to thank each and every family for the work you're putting in to ensure your students are learning at the highest levels possible, even in the midst of a pandemic. Our mission at RPA is to set every student who enters our school (even virtually) up for lifelong success. What seems like a lot of work now, will no doubt payoff when our students continue to perform at the highest levels in the future. We are so proud of our school, our students, and our community, and can't wait to see what October holds as we advance our learning and efforts! Keep up the GREAT work!

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Mrs. Barnard and Mrs. McCollum


Wow Kindergarteners, we have already been in school a month! In Reading we are learning our sounds 'a' 'm' 's' and others along the way. In math we are recognizing our numbers 2 and 4 and learning to count on! This will help us as we get to addition. Friends are soaring in Rocket Math and continue to get better with each practice. In Language we have been learning lots of new words and how to follow simple one-two step directions. Lastly, we are focusing on how to be a kind friend. This is so important when interacting with our classmates, and the kinders are rocking it!

Ms. Schubert, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Carroll

First Grade

We have learned lots of new things in first grade! In Math we have been learning how to skip count by tens, add ten to 2-digit numbers, and how to count backwards. In Language and Reading students have learned opposites, calendar facts, practiced sounds, and read all about Cindy the Squid. Mrs. Bulich taught us about emotions and how we can regulate our emotions. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the resources and activities she has provided. We are so excited to see all of the students that are logging into google meet. It has been so nice to meet so many new faces! This month we will be going on our first virtual field trip, so look out for that in the weeks to come!

Ms. Cortez and Ms. Ochoa

Second Grade

Lots going on in second grade! We've been learning about living things, consonants and vowels, number families, and left and rights! This week, your child should be reading 92 words per minute so make sure they're practicing their out loud reading voice! Your second grade teachers are so impressed with how many kids are coming to our meetings with smiles and great attitudes as well as turning in work each day! We are so proud of you all. Next week, we will be working on lessons 8-11 in reading, math, language, and spelling. Don't forget to practice Rocket Math each day and try to collect as many coins as you can on Studies Weekly! Reminder- no school Friday!

-Ms. Tate and Ms. Bond

Third Grade

We are starting the year off strong reviewing number families and place values in math and in reading, enjoying the adventures of Old Henry and how Earth gets heat from the sun in Mr. D's class and the adventures of Tina the apple tree and how forests and animals are affected by forest fires in Ms. Pecitelli's class. Our counselor, Mrs. Bulich is giving us great understanding and tools about our emotions and that it’s okay to have a bad day. Writing is full of nouns and verbs and spelling is a repetition of “ea” “ee” “oo” “ough” words. We couldn’t ask for a more awesome 3rd grade cohort full of students that are thirsty for knowledge.

Ms. Pescitelli and Mr. Dykeman

Fourth Grade

Students are flying high in fourth grade! In reading they're working on state identification, cardinal directions, and how to add 'ly' to words that end in 'y.' In math, they're focusing on making number families with letters from word problems, borrowing from the tens place, and writing fractions from pictures and number lines. In writing, they're composing personal narratives. By turning in all of their weekly work, students will be entered into a drawing to have a goody bag dropped off at their house by their teacher! Keep up the great work and Go Team 4th Grade!!

Mrs. Brown and Mr. Morgan

Fifth Grade

Hello from the virtual land that is 5th grade!

The students have hit the ground running so far this year and it's only week four!

In reading we have started to delve into the Odyssey, where we read about Odysseus and his adventures to his home land after the Trojan war. He encounters things from the Greek god and goddesses to cyclops. Moving over to math we are off and running with multiplying fractions, and diving into number family word problems. Writing and spelling have both begun to take off as well and we are looking at the basics and starting to hone in our writing skills. Science and social studies are also fully up and running and the students are doing a great job at tackling the articles. Please don't forget to have your student play the Rocket Math game in order to build up quick math skills!

As always we are available each day!

Ms. Lybarger and Mr. Walker

A Note from the Counselor

What's new in the Counseling department for October?! Last month, students learned all about emotions and Zones of Regulation. That will be a great foundation for this month's theme: Coping skills and Self Control. There will be three weekly activities that align with this theme, and one bigger live lesson with each class during the last week of October. The schedule for the monthly class lessons is posted on ClassDojo and the school counseling website!

Upcoming Events:

- Coffee with the Counselor will be on October 26th at 5:00 PM.

Your Counselor,

Mrs. Bulich

Are you receiving our Friday POSSIP surveys?

If not, please contact Mrs. Martinez in our front office! We want to hear your feedback!

Please call (503)907-1023, or email amartinez@rockwoodprep.org!