AIESEC in KIIT University presents its first LC Newsletter in a hope for our members to better connect to the LC and take it to a bigger & better level.

Presenting the EXECUTIVE BODY of AIESEC in KIIT University

Local Committee President
Ashutosh Mohapatra

Vice- President - oGCDP
Harpreet Kour

Vice- President - GIP Operations
Anurag Kumar

Vice- President- iGCDP
Ronak Govani

Vice- President – Talent Management & Communications & Information Management
Vandana Mohan

Vice- President - Marketing
Vishal Srivastava

Vice – President – Business Development
Swati Suman

Vice- President - Finance
Shubham Mohapatra
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-So far oGCDP has more than 25 raises and iGCDP has 22 raises. And this is not the limit we have further to go. Keep the spirits high guys.

-AIESEC in KIIT University now also have 34 new recruits. We hope to see all of you as successful global leaders in the near future. Good Luck!!!

Proud moments of our ENTITY!!

We are proud to announce that our former LCP Vighnesh Shukla is now MCVP oGCDP of AIESEC India. We congratulate him and wish him all the luck for his upcoming journey.

Souvik Maity from Marketing is selected in the Global Support Team of AIESEC International 2015. We are proud of him!!
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For the first time in the history of AIESEC in KIIT University, we are planning to engage our alumni with us because we believe once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer. They can be better guides and help us take AIESEC in KIIT University to greater heights.

How many of the iGCDP members know the job roles in Marketing or how many of the TM_CIM members know the job roles in oGCDP?? Very few right.
So in this innovation synergy we are planning to hold sessions. Every department will hold their session and whosoever is interested can come up and attend the session.
The sessions to be announced soon. Wait-For-It !
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Rewards and Recognition(RnR)!!

The Super Hero Campaign - The campaign to recognise those super heros in our LC who will make 2015 happen.

Guys let us remind ourselves that this is our last lap THE FINAL LAP. So lets boost up our spirits and make 2015 happen!!!
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Wish you GOOD LUCK for your exams!!