Number The Stars

Lois Lowry

by: Ryan Mitchell

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Plot Outline

Exposition: Setting: apartment,Denmark, Characters: Mama,Kirsti,Annimarie,Ellen

TE: "Alone in the apartment while Mama was out shopping with Kirsti, Annimarie and Ellen were sprawled out on the living room floor playing with paper dolls." page # 27

Rising Action: Jews came for cloths in a coffin to stay warm while they escape.

TE: "It wasn't Great-aunt Birte in the coffin but lots of cloths so these jews can stay warm while they escape.''

Climax: Annimarie was trying to deliver a package to the driver of the ship with the jews on it so the dogs won't smell the jews

TE:"I was trying to deliver this package with god who knows whats in it to the driver of the boat so the dogs smell will be destroyed and they wont find the jews in the little compartment!"

Falling Action: people took care of the jew's apartments while they were away.

TE:"People and neighbors took care of the jews apartments while they were away because thats what good neighbors and friends do."

Resolution: The war ended and freed the country

TE: "The war ended two long years later and church bells rang all over Denmark."


The conflict of this story is man VS. society because it's the jews VS. the nazies. So the jews are trying to fight agenst the nazies so they can be free and not die in the consentration camps.

Explanation of the Theme

The theme takes place on a small island called Denmark.

TE:''Here on the little island of Denmark stood two girls staring over the ocean to the bigger country, Sweden.''


The protagonist is annimarie because she is caring, loving, loyal, and fun.She is also very fast in races so she can win.


The antagonist of the story is the nazies because they try to kill all the jews because they think they are monsters.

4 facts

The time period is during world war ll.

During September 1943- May 1945.

What part of world war ll ?-It was the Holocaust.

on the 3rd of March Finland declares war on Germany.

Historical Setting

The historical setting had a huge act on Ellen the jew. That historical setting is the holocaust witch was when the nazies were trying to kill all the jews.
Holocaust survivor Israel Arbeiter returns to Auschwitz-Birkenau with the WWII Foundation

Holocaust Surviver