Professional Development in SRC

Volume I Issue II February, 2016

@ The PDC

We are having a lot of internal discussion these days @ The PDC about self-paced online learning. You might wonder, What is it? What does it look like? How does it work? and Can I try it? In this @ the PDC article, we will try to answer these questions and more as you are introduced to self-paced online learning.

First of all, self-paced online learning exists in Santa Rosa County. Within MyPD, we have the capability of connecting you with more than 300 self-paced online courses. Let's take a look at what this training model is:

  • What is it?
It is a system that allows you to participate in an online course completely directed by the user. In a word, it provides choice. There is no facilitator, therefore you choose when to work on it. You choose your route through the course. You even choose the timeline for finishing the course. You are choosing your path to course completion.

  • What does it look like?

The courses include video, activities, and reading material all directly embedded within the delivery platform. Within each module the learner is presented with questions to guide the learning. Activities also include assignments that allow the user to produce resources that can be used in the classroom.

  • How does it work?

The courses are available within MyPD. Once assigned a course, a learner simply logs in to MyPD to access their course. The integration of the delivery platform within MyPD provides a seamless end-user experience. Any learner with experience using MyPD will be an expert in navigating the course. Once finished, the course automatically updates the learner's transcript within MyPD.

  • Can I try it?

Absolutely! We have been testing the system this year and the results have been fabulous. We are eager to get more learners involved. If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, contact Michael Thorpe. A quick email to Michael showing your interest will result in a list of available courses and their descriptions being provided to you.

The courses available range from 6-hour courses to 12-hour courses and include a multitude of topics that are of great interest for any educator. We @ The PDC look forward to helping you join the dozens of educators in Santa Rosa who are already experiencing high-quality, self-paced courses from industry-leading content providers including: ASCD, Educational Impact, Learning Bridges, Knowledge Delivery Systems, and Literacy Solutions. Right now we are working with these 5 content providers, but more are expected to join us soon.

Technology Integration: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century

ClassLink Implementation: More Time Learning, Less Time Logging in

Every year, schools waste thousands of hours of class time having everyone log into what seems like an infinite number of websites, often requiring different passwords. But with ClassLink, one username and password gives students and teachers access to everything they need, on any device. The district will soon be implementing ClassLink at selected pilot schools, followed by district-wide implementation.

*Technology Integration: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century explores tools and strategies for empowering students to fully participate in a connected, technology-rich society.

One Click Single Sign-On with ClassLink

Technology Tidbits

Adding a ScreenShot to an Email

Sometimes you just have to send a picture to get your point across. When you are blocked by iBoss, it's easier to send a screenshot of the message than to try and type up the block message. Here's how to easily add a screenshot to your email.

  1. After you have the desired screen open, open Outlook (it should open on top of your desired screen).
  2. Start a new email (New Email button upper left side of HOME ribbon).
  3. Minimize Outlook (do NOT minimize your email). You should now see your desired screen behind your new email.
  4. Click in the message area where you type your message (this is a crucial step - if you have not clicked in the message area, this won't work).
  5. Click the INSERT tab.
  6. Find and click on the Screenshot button. You will see a list of available windows to choose from and "Screen Clipping" at the bottom.
  7. You can pick your window if you want to send the entire window view. Otherwise click Screen Clipping. Your email will minimize, allowing you to capture a portion of the desired screen.
  8. Click and drag across the desired area to capture the image into your email.
Big image
That's it. There seem to be a lot of steps, but the actual process is really easy. Try it out!
Big image

Do I Have Enough Points to Recertify?

Now there is a quick way to find the answer to this question:

Click on the My Certifications tab in MyPD and check out My Credit Bank.

A new feature during the 2015-2016 school year, My Credit Bank, gives teachers a snapshot of the inservice taken during the teacher's current certification window.

For more information about specific trainings, My Transcript is still the best view for this information. My Transcript is located on your MyPD homepage.

Big image

Middle and High school teachers can now create a collaborative space within our digital Office 365 walls. Here you can drop content for your students that they can view only. Students cannot see each others notebooks, but all of them are in one place for you. If you would like some training on this, keep you eyes out in MyPD as they are coming soon. Feel free to reach out to either Shelley Mann or Spencer Lunsford for more information.

Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) is located at 6556 Firehouse Road in Milton, FL just a little past King Middle School. Our office provides support for technology, professional development and library media services throughout the district.