CO2 Crisis

BY: Khristian D. Emma T. Brandon C. Zach K.

Why is CO2 Is a crisis?

CO2 is a crisis because to much of it has been released in the air.Some things that give off CO2 are cars,factories,burning fossil fuels.Also humans are producing more ''Green House Gases"like CO2.Faster than the natural cycle can keep up with.So with more people burning fossil fuels it harms the atmosphere by keeping in more heat than it should.Global warming is real.

What are the effects of climates changing?

The effects of climate changes is weather getting worse.Also less snow because it gets hotter,and also more heat waves.It will also harm animals and plants because animals use plants for food.In a way it harms humans health.It harms people with lung problems by making them worse.

GreenHouse Gases

Below this is a graph that shows how hot it has been getting over this past thousand years or so.Methane,Carbon Dioxide,and Nitrous Oxide have grown since the industrial revolution.
Methane comes from cows,and other animals.Nitrous Oxide comes from chemical fertilizers and aluminum factories.