Team Newsletter

Stats for May 2013!

I am back and ready to CER YOU!

Maternity leave is now over and I am back into doing Thirty-One full time now! I hope you enjoy my 1st newsletter of the new 31 year!


Lauren Coleson

Your Director

Meet Our Team!

Lauren Coleson *NC 2010

Ali Markley *IL* January 2012

Kim Akers *FL* February 2012

Janice Turbeville *VA* Dec. 2012

Jodi Forehand *VA* March 2012

Jamie Harrold *NC* August 2011

Martha Escontrias *NC* June 2012

Kimberly Wilmoth *NC* Feb. 2013

Melissa Allison *TX* June 2011

Camtu Walker *NC* March 2013

Erica Johnson *NC* May 2012

Lisa Palacios *TX* July 2011

Casey Childress *NC* June 2011

Polly Simmons *NC* January 2013

Amoree Willard *NC* July 2011

Trena Baker *NC* April 2013

Tania Blevins *NC* July 2011

Connie Beamer *VA* 2013

We have 18 Gen 0 ladies on our team!

We are located in 5 different states!

Total downline: 53 ladies!

2 downline Directors!


Top in Sales!

Lisa Palacios- $2,150.50.....Fantastic!

$1000+ Sales:

Jamie Harrold: $1,927.50.....Awesome!

May Sales:

Amoree Willard: $551.00.....Super!

Martha Escontrias: $250.00.....Great Job!

Jodi Forehand: $209.50....Wonderful!

Casey Childress: $52.00....Good Job!

Team Sales for May: $5,778.00

Held 14 parties

Recruited 3

Coming Up!

June Celebrate & Connect are coming up in a few weeks. Don’t forget to attend the one you registered for!

My C&C is Tuesday June 25th @ 6:00 at Sagebrush.

I will have a special guest joining us!!

Also our NEW Fall Catalog comes out September 1st! Be sure to stay active and be on the look out for August C&C for a preview of what is to come for Fall 2013!!

I promise you amazing things are heading our way that you do no wont to miss out on!!


July 24th - 27th in Hotlanta

Lisa Palacios I hope you have a wonderful time at your 1st National Conference!!

Look what a year can do!

June 2011 - May 2012

Team Members: 34

Team Sales: $87,804.51

Number of Parties: 197

June 2012 - May 2013

Team Members: 52

Team Sales: $120, 719.88

Number of Parties: 312

Total Downline Sales for the year: $150,758.88

WoW!! We had an Amazing year ladies!! I can't wait to see what GOD has in store for us in 2013-2014!


Qualifying is the first step in your business. It shows you are ready to break out of “Newbie” status and are well on your way to a successful business!

Why help your team qualify??

Not only are you helping your team invest in their business and getting off to a great start, but when you have 2 qualified team members, you promote to Sr. Consultant and earn overrides on your team!

When you qualify you earn a 31 magnetic name badge from me!!

Who is next to Qualify?

Janice Turbeville needs $157.50

Connie Beamer needs $1,000

Trena Baker needs $1,000

Camtu Walker needs $1,000

Kimberly Wilmoth needs $1,000

Y’all can do it ladies!! Cheering you on so you can earn a name badge from me!!

Why Promote?

As a Senior Consultant you earn 2% off of your personally, enrolled, qualified and active consultants. (PEQA's)

How do I promote to SC??

To promote to Sr. Consultant you need two recruits who have both qualified ($1000 in sales during their 31 career) and remain active.

Promote to Director!

4 or more Personally Enrolled and Qualified Recruits! Make an extra 3% on personal sales, 3% Gen 0 Override, 2% Gen 1 Override.

$1,000 one-time Director Bonus!!

Hold your own C&C Meeting!!!

Increase in paychecks!

Walk the stage at National Conference!

And soooo much more!

Who will be NEXT?!?

June * July * August team incentive!

Launch your Summer of Success!

As we move into summer, we want to encourage you to make the most of your season and meet your goals. I am launching an incentive to help motivate you to reach 2-10-1 levels and reward you when you get there!

2 parties a month

10 guests per party

1 recruit per season

The more you do, the more you earn!

Submit a $200 party- 2 points

Submit a $500 party- 5 points

Submit (2) $500 parties in a month 5 points

Have 10 guest at a party

(must post on our team page saying you had 10 guest at the party)

5 points

Sign a New Team Member

5 points

Qualify a New Team Member

10 points!


25 Points- Fold and Go Organizer

40 Points- Fold and Go Organizer and a pack of pens

55 Points- Fold and Go Organizer, a pack of pens and a pack of Pink envelopes

70 Points- Fold and Go Organizer, a pack of pens, a pack of Pink envelopes and a party goodie bag

Once you reach a level I will send you an email asking if you want to redeem your points or keep going to reach the next level!

*this incentive is for my Consultants and Sr. Consultants of my Gen 0*

Summer Dream Rewards!

Summer Dream Rewards Incentive Fast Facts:

  1. Summer Dream Rewards runs April 2-August 31, 2013.
  2. You have the opportunity to earn up to $1,300 in gift cards.

Level Details:

Level 1 - 5,000 points

Earn $100 Best Buy E-Gift Card*

Level 2 - 10,000 points

Earn $500 Best Buy E-Gift Card*

Level 3 - 15,000 points

Earn $700 Best Buy E-Gift Card or $700 American Express Gift Card*

CONGRATS to Lisa Palacios on earning LEVEL 1 so far!!

Keep working hard ladies many of you are very close to earning!!

Director Stats!

It is such a JOY being your 31 Director! I love seeing ladies meet their goals or seeing their dreams come true because of 31! If you are having a hard time right now I encourage you to sit down, pray, talk to GOD about your 31 business. I have learned and had to accept that parties, recruits, vendor shows etc don't fall into your lap! YOU have to step out of your comfort zone and just do it! Get your ASK in gear ladies! I want us all to have a successful business.

Held 1 party

Sold: $637.50

Commission as a Consultant: $159.37

Commission because I chose Leadership: $1,439.66

Leaders Wanted~ If you are interested in a path to Leadership, let’s chat! Or if you have any questions! Im here for you all the way!!


Lauren Coleson

Your Director

(336) 429-8811