Mindset of the Month

September-We Are Connected

Mindset of the Month

7 Mindsets is the district adopted social emotional curriculum for students K-5. Each month we will focus on a different mindset. Each mindset will be introduced in our Panther Families at the beginning of the month. Mrs. Wilson's weekly character ed lessons in the classroom will feature the mindset of the month as well. Click below for more information about 7 Mindsets.


This month at Sunflower, we are focusing on learning to live the mindset We Are Connected. The We are Connected mindset teaches us that everyone who comes into our lives can help us to achieve and live our dreams. Working with, for, and through others is crucial to realizing our dreams. When you understand this and constantly seek the positives from relationships with others, your performance in every area of your life improves. In the lessons for this mindset, we help students explore synergies with others, embrace diversity, to lead with value and relish the competition that will allow them to maximize their potential by working with and through others.

Tips for parents to support the We Are Connected mindset at home:

  • Look for ways to connect with other people. By celebrating life with friends and family and spending time going places with others and connecting, children learn the importance of these relationships. Role model positive relationships and lead with value.
  • Find ways, both as a family and individually, to give back and lead with value in the community (can be as simple as putting someone's grocery cart away, holding the door for others, throwing away trash you see on the ground when at the park, finding ways to help each other at home, etc)
  • The kids will be learning about Dream Team. Talk with your kids about how your family is a team and ways you can work together to make each other's daily lives better. Share your ideas and listen to your children's ideas.
We are Connected