Death Down Under

By Ibrahim Oyebanji


Language is a way of communication. Language can either be spoken or written. Langugage is very different based on were you are from. People speak different languages because on their culture. People also use different slangs when they talk. The slangs they use in Australia is way different than the ones they use in America. In Australia people say "mate" and in America people say "buddy" or "friend". In the good Death Down Under by Roy MacGregor, the author does a good job of showing the different slag they use.

"Drop Dead!" (MacGregor 1). The word a "Drop dead" together means to die all of a sudden. In the book a character said that when he/she was angry. That shows what people in Australia say when they are feeling mad or angry.


A norm is a pattern of behavior that is typically expected. Norms are basically manners, a rational way of behaving. Norms are also different all around the world. Norms change based on your culture and were your from. In different places in the world, it's disrespectful to give someone a handshake but in America, it's considered polite. Looking someone in the eyes can be taken as a challenge of authority in someplace so but in other places it's rude not to make eye contact.

"'I'm not climbing anywhere except for out of this stupid boat'" (MacGregor 8). His behavior was only like that cause he was tired and he was talking to his friend.


Values is a persons principal or standard of behavior. People have different values based on their culture. In the book, Death Down Under by Roy MacGregor, values is showed through culture.

"They noticed the theif stealing their stuff" (MacGregor 68). Stealing is wrong in Australia and they are strong consequences for it.


Symbols is anything that can represent or stand for anything else. A symbol can even be a color as long as their is some type of meaning to it. In the book, Death Down Under by Roy MacGregor, there were lots of symbols in the book.

"We call 'er The Coathanger mates" (MacGregor 8). The Coathabger was like a mountain or a really high land.


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