With the end of the year coming, here's what is happening:

We will loan books out to students through June 14th.

Then, we'll collect books the week of June 17th.

When YOU finish borrowing books, we would appreciate their return too!

We'll be happy for classes to still come during their borrowing time. For special scheduling, simply contact us!

Thanks, Debbie and Doug.


Summer Reading Lists are in two places:

Bradbury Summer Reading Challenge


Only2Clicks Summer Reading Ideas

Summer Reading Challenge: Read and write around the World!

Collect one postcard and one picture somewhere you visit (either here in Hong Kong or somewhere around the world) over the summer. The picture should have a book involved in some way. Mrs. Alvarez will collect the pictures either by email or through the Bradbury Library Facebook page and post them in the library in the fall along with a postcard with a line about your favorite visit, book, or event over the summer- you either drop in the mail to Bradbury or bring in when you get back to school. Let’s celebrate being balanced over the summer: fun with reading, fun with writing, fun with family and friends, fun on adventures, fun with learning Bradbury!

Have you visited Bradbury's Library Resource Page?

There are library resources: research resources, games, and online news resources organized in a new way with Only2Clicks:


Information I previously shared by email:

Here's what is special to me presently that I want everyone at Bradbury to know about: (limited myself to 5 topics!)

1. I came across National Geographic Explorer Magazine books ready for you to use online! (FREE)

I popped them on the Only2Clicks tab - reading resources: (this is where I collect ALL the FREE/subscribed quality reading resources I appreciate)

But here are the direct links to loads of terrific non-fiction books for your students to read: (probably wise to use laptop/desktop vs. iPads.) Would be very cool projected up on your boards - BEAUTIFUL IMAGES, fantastic information:

2. One resource I've introduced to some students is Flocabulary. Hip-hop music with learning content embedded. It will work well with Y3 presently because of their ancient civilizations inquiry but also, those who are introducing parts of speech or wish to revisit the topic may appreciate this video:

If you want to teach about transition words:

Teaching about 5 elements of writing a story:

The login/password is:
login: bradburystudent
password: bradburystudent

3. I think this resource is terrific for explaining Copyright rules for teachers: (beyond that it isn't a good idea to copy a whole book and distribute it to students...)

4. I really loved reading this blog post, had to share:
THANK YOU for your terrific reading, I am happy to provide personal reading recommendations if you want for the summer!!

5. How many of you would like to be subscribed to the Bradbury Library Diigo page? You'd get weekly online resource updates to inspire you and have searchable access to resources as well! Diigo: - just email me and I'll get you going!

*If you stuck around and read this whole newsletter, here is my bonus to you:

I would be happy to meet with ANY Bradbury staff member who is feeling like they need a boost in a technology skill, just 1:1, without any judgement. Whether it be to help with google docs, help with an online resource, or something as simple as writing a blog... Just email me and we'll set up a time for me to pop in the class or meet in the library. If you think it will take 15 minutes, fine. 60 minutes, fine. I'm a pretty patient person and happy to help out, especially if we're scheduled ahead of time!

Thanks for reading!

We look forward to accommodating your needs. Thank you for supporting our huge projects, sharing your teaching/co-teaching/book pull/team requests, and enjoying the library!