The Hidden Truth

Mason Soden; Editor-in-Chief

The Story Nobody Knew

(New York, NY)The conditions of the streets are horrible. They are very filthy and worst of all there are people who have to call this place home. Then there are the slums where we have 5-8 people all living in crowded slums. And something business owners don't want the rest of the media to know what goes on in the work place, because there are workers working in very dangerous conditions, But they don't care so until there secrets are revealed like this they will not stop.

Know you place shut your face

Progressive is when a country is in an era where they make a lot of political, economical, and financial progress. The political shows progressive because women had to fight and forge the way to allow women to vote today.

We take over Hawaii

(Hawaii,) The U.S. has just taken over Hawaii lowering prices of sandle wood, sugar cane, and pineapple drastically. But the fight to get there was very hard but we didn't lose very many troops. So now the U.S. has a permanent harbor for the U.S. navy to refuel and restock on ammo. SO the navy can fight to keep our country safe.

Arch Duke assassinated

On August 4,1914 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated when his car driver pulled into an alley by accident, But before the driver could back out of the alley 19 year old Gavril, princip dropped his sandwich on the ground pulled out his pistol and shot the Arch Duke and his wife Sophie. Gavril, princip was later arrested for his crime and is being tried for his crime. But him doing this started the spark that ignited WWI.

Money and Food Needed

People across the nation listen to the propaganda, Grow "victory gardens", " Food can win the war", Buy liberty bonds to fund this war. And if you listen We can win the war. Notify police if any other propaganda posters are up then tear down the poster, If you see the person who put it up call the police right away, Because this is an act of treason.

The Babe Ruth story

Babe Ruth's full name is George Herman Ruth Jr. He was born on February 6, 1885 in Baltimore, Maryland, He went to a stricter school because he was kinda out of control. Babe Ruth got his nickname because the owner of the Orioles had to become his guardian and because of this the other players picked on him for this. After he did really good on Orioles he was bought by the Red Sox.

Picture from 1920

The picture is about a girl who has flowers in her hair. She looks very at peace because of the surroundings.