Canadian Olisands

Project of Canada

Why do we need to develop the Oilsands

The oil sands are located in Alberta and stretched into Saskatchewan. Development started in the mid 1960's and from that day there are still lots of oil sand to be extracted from the ground. The process had sped up faster every year. They extract about 2 million barrels of oil sands a day and want to extract even more to get 4 million barrels per day because they want to trade it off to our best friend America to get money. Canada only get 1% of the oil sands because the U.S converts the oil sands to gas for cars and the U.S gets 99% of that oil.
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Environmental Damage

There's a lot of oil sands in Canada Alberta which means it could cause a lot of damage to Canada's environment. Once the government choose to speed up the process on extracting the oil sands theirs been a high rise of rare cancers in the nearby community's and towns, the contamination of the air and water and the death of the local animals (like fish and Moose) in the Provence. The oil sands are nearby a river called the Athabasca river and we use that water to clean the oil sands and after we use that water it get thrown into a man made lakes called tail ponds and those tail ponds leak into the Athabasca river and contaminate the water and fish and other animals that drink from the river including the people who live in these areas that eat the animals and drink the water and get sick and most likely get the rare cancer that is expected to get after eating or drinking any contaminated things.
Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth

Heath Concerns

Dr. John O'Connor said that sense the collection rate of the oil sand people have been getting sick more often every year. All of those people who died or are sick where all healthy, well and had a good diet but some still died. Dr. John O'conner said that it was a cancer, it was a rare kind of cancer called Bile duct cancer Its because of the contaminated fish people eat from the oil sands, it had to much concentrated asenic inside the fish that made them sick and get that type of cancer. When Dr. John O'Conner said that the government had to cover up on what he said and they threatened to take his licence of being a doctor. They took his licence anyway bur Dr. John O'Conner didn't stop he took it to the press and told the world what's happening to the people and animals in Alberta.

My Opinion

I believe that the digging of the oil sands should stop right away because Canada is only getting 1% of the oil sands and that there's no win to this situation for Canada. Firstly Canada is not using this oil for themselves. There using it to sell it to the U.S and make money of it and not leaving anything left for Canada (about 1%). The U.S is spending a lot of money for these oil sands and mostly taking all of it (about 99%) from Canada. When I first heard about it I was saying to myself "good for Canada" but then I thought about and said "just stop". If you think about it Canada is getting a hole lot of money for this unlimited supply of oil sands but then you think about it we dig it up ourselves process it with our own resources and we transport it there to the U.S. The U.s is only paying for the oil but we are using our fresh water ( we have little of) to clean it, dig it up and process in Canada and destroys our environment and use our own transportation to bring it there. We are losing resources and money everyday just cleaning it and processing it in Canada and The U.S is only paying for the oil, why not just keep it. So I believe that we should stop and keep it for ourselves and use it as log as it lasts.