Something Crazy

women in factorys

All the ladies out there are you sick of working on farms? If you are then pay close attention! factory's are now accepting you as workers. You even get paid. You get 2-4 dollars a week. You can do anything that a guy would do in the factory. if you are in a area in a area that has the Lowell system you can get housing! you can have the Lowell system or the Rhode Island system. both options are great! But if you do go to work in factory's don't go on strike! if you go on strike you can get fired. if you go on strike you would get replaced. so if you aren't happy and you go on strike its like you are quieting. so if you want to try it out go get a job at a factory.


Are you sick of making things by hand? Are your hands hurting at the end of the day? Do you have to spend your night working? Are you tiered of the stress of getting things on time for your clients? Well you don't have to anymore! No more long nights. No more stress levels rising! Come down to the mills. They got all the new technology! They are water powered. So if you are sick of working long nights and cramping hands come on down to the mills.