Home of Africa

By: John'vea Robinson

About Africa

Africa can be a beautiful home to live at and to look at they have Mountain, Lake, and most of all river.

Home of Africa

Lake Victoria

The lake of Victoria is 50 mile of ti shore live several million of people live there and. The lake of Victoria is the largest lake in africa. The lake victoria is fresh water to at the same time. The lake is mainly in Fanzania and Uganda.

Congo Basin

Congo Basin is the beautiful place and it a lake to. Congo Basin is a area and the area 1,335,000 square mile. and It is the second largest river basin in africa and. And Africa is included almost all of the zaire and. The vast drinage is a area in africa to and it together with the Congo Basin.

Indian Ocean

Atlas Mountain

The atlas mountain is to north africa and extending to 1.500 feet and. Atlas Mountain is the hightest mountain rage that was found. and Atlas mountain are a rich in mineral, especically, phophates, coal, iron, and oil.

Indian Ocean

The indian ocean is the 3 largest ocean in africa and. Indian Ocean go far up to 11,000 feet in africa and. Indian Ocean is the rife and ( crack or fissure) in africa and, Indian Ocean is extending along most of the ocean.