Stone Fox

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First, you must:

Read chapters 1 and 2 together as a group, popcorn style.

Next, answer 3 of these 4 questions in complete sentences.

1. Why do you think Grandfather's beard is full of tears as he lies in bed?

2.Little Willy and Grandfather work out a way to communicate without talking. How do they do it?

3. How do little Willy and Searchlight manage to harvest the crop of potatoes?

4. What does Doc Smith think is wrong with Grandfather?

Finally, you may choose 1 activity.

1. Describe Willy, Grandfather, and Searchlight with two complete sentences about each character.

2. What might it be like to live on a potato farm? What might your chores be? Write four complete sentences.

3. How would your life be different if one of your grandparents lived with you. Write one complete paragraph.

Essential Questions

1. What is the setting of a story?

2. Why is it important to learn about settings and cultures that are different from our own?

3. What are the defining elements of a historical fiction story?

Bonus! If Mrs. Malone has checked your work you may draw your favorite scene from the first two chapters using colored pencils or crayons. Use lots of details.