Lost in Claymore

My Version

Last week there was a group of people high, tipsy, and drunk there names were Alonso Ferni . They were cruising around claymore shops in a woolies shoping trolly, They just arrived from kings cross partying it up hard before they got jumped for owing someone money. As they were walking across claymore road a tiny child was in the middle of the road, Alonso stops pushing the trolly and his son gets out of the trolly and stornched the child but he turned out to be a midget selling drugs, Ferni (the Alonso son) tells the midget to get of the road and go home, the midget tells Ferni to get out of claymore something big is about to happen. Alonso and Ferni ask whats happining or whats gonna happen, the midget won't say a word.

Nek Minute a new VF commordore comes out no were and hits the trolly with everyone it, and the fell off claymore bridge and everyone got scatterd around.