Computer Security Practices

Keeping things safe

Antivirus Facts

Antivirus programs aren’t perfect. If you’re relying on your antivirus to protect you, you’re putting yourself at risk. You should use an antivirus even if you are a careful person. It’s likely you may be infected by using the web browser. Even if you keep your browser updated, you may be infected by a new virus just by visiting a web page.
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Firewall Protection

There is a firewall that windows already has installed, so you don’t need to install a third-party firewall. You should leave the built-in firewall enabled. The firewall blocks unwanted incoming connections, protecting Windows and the other software on your computer from malware that exploits programs that haven’t been updated in system services. This is how viruses spread so quickly in the early days of Windows XP and why such worms can’t spread as quickly anymore.

“You should also configure your firewall correctly. When it pops up and asks you whether you’re on a home, work, or public network, choose the appropriate answer. If you select the home option when you’re connecting to Wi-Fi at a public shop, your computer device may make your shared Windows files available to other people on the public shop’s network. The public option prevents other people from getting into your
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Software we use

All the software we use every day is likely having many security issues. These security issues are constantly being found, the operating system doesn’t matter. Software companies regularly release security patches for such software. Worse yet, the updates release notes themselves and may give information to attackers that help them develop attacks on unpatched computers. It’s important to install software updates as soon as possible after they’re available.

There are a lot of malware Windows users encounter that seem to be as a result of accidentally downloading and using bad software. You should be aware of what you download and run on your computer. So, you should only download and use trustworthy software and antivirus. Also, you shouldn’t open email attachments that seem strange.

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