Walker's Weekly

The classroom happenings in Room 105!

A note from Miss Walker

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! Mine was fun-filled as my youngest sister got married in Colorado! :) This week, we're back to business as usual in Room 105. Look for your children to start having homework to do on their Chromebook this week! I hope you and your child are enjoying having this amazing piece of technology at home! Let's have a great week!

Important Dates This Week:

Friday 9/11 - Freak the Mighty Ch. 21-25 Test

- Conjunctions, Interjections, & Prepositions quiz

In class this week:


Freak the Mighty - Ch. 21-25

Focus standard: Making inferences using evidence from the text & context clues

Novel skill: Theme

novel vocabulary: aberration, smidgeon, flitter, facilitate, manifestation


Conjunctions, Interjections & Prepositions


Writing summaries -- Freak the Mighty chapter summaries

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Chromebook Responsibilities

Please help your child to be responsible by making sure:

  • homework gets completed on the Chromebook each night (don't worry, they can still use them if you don't have WiFi at home!)
  • The Chromebook gets CHARGED every night! The charger does not need to come to school.
  • The Chromebook gets packed in their Hornet bookbag each day.
  • Keep food and drinks AWAY from the Chromebook.
  • Store in a safe location! Do not leave in a car or open area.
  • Students are using the Chromebook in an appropriate way! Don't forget, this is a BGCS device and we can monitor activity at home!

Chromebook Consequences

Each student will receive 1 sheet containing 4 coupons that can be redeemed as a "free pass" if they forget their Chromebook. We will have loaner devices that the students will use during the school day in this case. However, each time the student has to use a coupon, they will lose 3 points on Class Dojo. For every time the student forgets their Chromebook after that, they will be assigned a Thursday night detention until 5pm as well as losing their Dojo points.

There are also financial responsibilities in the case of damage to or loss of the device. Please refer to the handout from Mrs. Collinsworth for a reminder of these possible charges.

Contact Information

Please follow our class happenings on Twitter and feel free to contact me via email or phone with any concerns.