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What is Media?

What is Media?

When I hear the word media the first thing that comes to my mind is art. If you have ever taken a high school art class you would know, in art the word media pertains to the materials you might use to create a work of art. Paint, canvas, clay and so on, are all mediums you use to make art. All the works of art from Picasso to Da Vinci are made out of some kind of media. I closely associate the word media with the word create. But, when I think the word media I also think about magazines like People, newspapers like The New York Times and shows like TMZ. They spread the word about what celebrities are doing and their latest mistakes and outfits. Media is a tool to keep the people up to date with what is going on in the world around them. But to be able to keep up with the times, you have to know what and how to read. The word for being able to read and write, as we all know, is literate; to be illiterate would be the exact opposite. Now when you put these two words into the phrase “Media Literate” it doesn’t mean to be able to read what you make your art project out of, it means to be able to access, read, and understand what is going on in the world, whether it is on a paper or on the internet.

Super Bowl Precis


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Media Lit

9, February 2014

Super Bowl 2014

Jaguar in their commercial, "British Villains Rendezvous" compare the power, elegance and exotic nature of the Jaguar to the infamous British villains Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong. Jaguar supports their juxtaposition by intermingling the mindset and attitudes of a British villain to their product's most luxurious attributes. The company's purpose is to offer the consumer not only a classy car, but also offers a luxuriant, omnipotent and thrilling lifestyle in order to make the buyer feel like they have dominance of the world they travel around in while driving their Jaguar. The company presents this idea in a humorous yet indulging sinful tone for wealthier individuals looking for a car the reflects their status in life.

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains 'Rendezvous' | Jaguar USA


Westboro does America

Cecily Best,

Topeka- Following in the righteous footsteps of Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples’ Temple and Waco’s Davidians, and Beavis and Butthead, the Phelps family’s Westboro Baptist church have decided to “do America.”

The Phelp’s family and their church have successfully picketed, us, the people of the United States, out of America, thus, making America, all 50 states, their own. “We now have the Sodom like America in our control,” Said Fred Phelps’s, “we can make it holey and in Christ’s image, just like we’ve been made.”

With no “fags”, “adulterers” or “sodomites” the church can finally live in a utopian like country. With no soldiers to die for them, they’ll have no more funerals to picket.

When asked how they compare to radical religious groups and cults, leader, Fred Phelps responded saying “Those demons had the right idea excluding themselves from America. Americans need to acknowledge their sins and stop being fag enablers…” Phelps began to endlessly spew ‘God hates everything” speeches condemning everyone, except for him of course, to hell.

America, including all 50 states and Puerto Rico will be in control of the church. American’s are due to be sent out to foreign countries, such as Canada, Africa, and Norway within the next two months. These foreign countries welcome the Americans. Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, says he’s happy to take these Americans in. “I’m proud to have them join and get away from such ridiculous self-proclaimed “Christians.”

The Westboro Baptist church is excited to be able to be the ONLY religion left in the USA.

Kinetic Typography


Being beautiful is just as big as being brilliant. Because bearing brains bring you beyond the boundaries. Being bright begets beaucoups breaks that beauteous cannot. Bonny isn't boundless, being brainy is! Don't blow your brio by bankrupting yourself.

Changing History

Blurb: If JFK had never been killed he probably would have been reelected and helped end Vietnam.

JFK Assassination

On November 22, 1963 the president and his wife, first lady Marilyn Monroe-Kennedy landed in Dallas, Texas. He had spoken in California and New Mexico the day before. From the Airport they travelled by open-car motorcade to the Dallas Trade Market. Because of his wife’s fame they required extra secret service men. Shortly after 1:30PM, while the open- car motorcade was entering downtown Dallas, 3 shots rang out. Marilyn Monroe was shot 2 times, in the back and arm. Kennedy was shot once in the chest. Upon arriving to the hospital, they both were placed in critical condition in the Parkland Memorial hospital. 18 year old Harvey Oswald Lee, known to have been obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, was arrested in a theater hours after the shooting. He was arrested for attempted assassination of the high profile couple. He later admitted to being jealous of the president for marrying Monroe and tried, in a psychotic jealous rage, to murder them. He was sent to the Dallas police headquarters. During his stay Lee suffered a psychotic breakdown. Three days later at 12:50 p.m., in the entrance of the Dallas police station, Harvey Oswald Lee, the confessed, attempted assassin of President John F. Kennedy, and his wife Marilyn Monroe was shot to death by director Howard Hawks. Hawkes was the director of Marilyn’s famous film “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”. Hawkes shot and killed Lee while he was being transported to a Texas Mental Hospital. Hawkes was enraged by the attempted murder of his “Star” and killed Lee. He was then arrested and sent into the Dallas police department. The couple remained in the hospital for three months. During this time they received the utmost care. Fans of Monroe and supporters of John F, Kennedy surrounded the hospital day and night, sending their love and prayers. But, on December 15, 1963 a riot between the loving fans and supporters broke out against a group of radical Baptists known the West Borough Baptist church. The church protested wishing death for the president and his first lady. Enraged, the Kennedy supported lashed out. A giant riot ensued. The leader of the church, Franklin Felps was killed during the altercation. While hearing the news of the riot, the next day, though weak, the president, from his hospital bed gave a message to the people of America. A month later on January 25th, 1964 the president and his wife healed and were released. They returned home to Washington D.C. Following their return, Monroe became pregnant and several months later gave birth to the couple’s first son. Kennedy return to the presidency and thwarted the in potential Vietnam War. In 1968, JFK was reelected for his second term as president of the United States of America.

1984 SONG

Molotov Solution - The Final Hour Lyrics

People should not fear their Governments, Governments should fear their people
This is the final hour, the last battle in a struggle for power
We stand upon the front line. The clock strikes twelve, you’re out of time!
This is the final hour, the last battle in a struggle for power
We stand upon the front line. The clock strikes twelve, you’re out of time!
We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness and we will fight in the light! We will fight!
You have been waiting in the shadows since the beginning of time. You have infiltrated every aspect of our meaningless lives
We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness and we will fight in the light! we will fight! Like poison from the wound we will draw you from the shadow into the light!
Destitute of common knowledge and deprived of unchained life. This struggle ends tonight
We have broken our bonds and abolished the chains that bind our guarded minds. This struggle ends tonight
Defect from slavery and denounce your name.
Become faceless and kill, kill without shame
The truth will be revealed at the hands of a slave stained red with the blood of his master name
The population is broken and dead, revolution an imminent threat
In our eyes we see only red. Our darkest days lie ahead
Run in fear! The end is near! Run in fear!
People should not fear their governments. Governments should fear the people
This is the final hour. Run in fear!
This is the final hour. The end is near!

This song encapsulates the government of Oceania, Winston’s rebellion against the party and the consequences he receives in the Ministry of Love for this rebellion in the book 1984. Quoting Thomas Jefferson the song states “People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people.” INGSOC is in fear of their people rising up so the constantly watch them to keep them in check. The song also quotes the actual book saying “We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness.” The directly relates to the book. The following line “we will fight in the light” relates to Winston’s fight in the Ministry to keep his ideals against the torture. The song says “You have infiltrated every aspect of our meaningless lives” and “Destitute of common knowledge and deprived of unchained life.” The party takes away peoples common knowledge and completely controls all the people’s lives making it pointless to live for. The lyric “The truth will be revealed at the hands of a slave stained red with the blood of his master name” expresses Winston’s belief that if there is change against the government it lies in the proles.

Motolov Solution - The Final Hour (ft. Adam Warren of Oceano) (NEW SONG) 2011


During my semester in Media Literacy, I experienced a new curriculum and class atmosphere that I really never experience in all my four years of Language Arts classes. Even though I didn't enjoy it, I learned about the Internet and Social Media in a way that I have never really thought about it before. I studied the negative aspects it can have on us as a society and how it an effects real life. I learned how to write Précises, which I also hated, but I know realistically it will help me in my college writing. But personally, the most important things and ideas I learned this semester where during our Dystopia unit. I really liked 1984. The book is not something I would have read on my own but this class introduced it to me and I really enjoyed it. It made for a lot of interesting conversation. I took away many different views and current issues in our government that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. In our fourth block specifically, I have never been in such a wild English class. The atmosphere was almost too comfortable sometimes but it did make learning exciting. I have never had a male English teacher. I have also never had an English teacher who was not a literature nerd that tries to find meaning in the colors of the walls in the book but instead finds the symbols and related them to real life. Media Literacy as an English course was really on different because we learned about the internet as a form of literature which is not something I was used to as an English student. Overall if I could change anything I would just take out the entire Social Media unit and maybe read another dystopian book.