Computer Hardware

By Boaz Dopemu

Hard Drives and SSD's

A hard drive is a component or device that saves all personal information you tell it to (e.g music, internet history or other things. SSD's (or solid state drives) are very similar to hard drives apart from the fact that they are thinnner and sometimes easier to use. Hard drives have lots of moving parts including the arm which processes, reads and writes things from the computer. The hard drive also is very crucial and you don't want it to drop as it may skip and cause problems for the computer.

Optical Drive

Optical drives are the things in your computer that read and write cd's. You can use these for playing music, watching DVD's and other things that you do with a disc. Without optical drives we would not be able to play music with cd's or watch dvd's.


the cpu is the centre processing unit for the computer it processes calculations and helps open things. It operates in Gigahertz (GHz). the more processors you have the more things you can do at once. it is the main component for doing things mainly processing but also reading and writing.


RAM stands for random access memory and is used to temporarily store information. it stores these things because forexample ifyou copied something turned your computer and tried to paste there woud be nothing there. This is crucial because without these we would not be able to copy or paste which is a major aspect of computers


The video down below is a short one about Alan turing one of the keyfigures in computer history.
Kate Russell - Alan Turing