Assembly Line: Effective or Sad?

Workers Needed, But Not Skill

New York, NY

Henry Ford is making headlines with his ingenious plan to use the assembly line in automobile making. While the assembly line is nothing new, Ford's plan is revolutionary! Ford hopes, by using this "specialization of labor" to make cars cheaper, that all Americans will be able to afford one. Although his idea is likely to make him millions, the practice has already been proven to save companies thousands of dollars of outgoing costs.

In the 1880s Frederick W. Taylor, an employee of the Bethlehem Steel Company, perfected the method of "decreasing the movements required to complete the tasks" of workers in order to cut costs in half and pay workers more!

You might proclaim, AMAZING!, but think of all those workers who are no longer needed to specialize in unique creations. Now, each employee has a specific task to toil over monotonously, day in and day out. Let's hope that Mr. Ford and his fellow factory owners do the right thing by their workers. Only time will tell.