Bp Oil Spill

The amount of oil found in Lousiana's coast surged these past three years bp's spill in u.s. Gulf of Mexico states protection Restoration Authority said. 3.01 million pounds of oily matierial cleaned up Lousianas coast March to August 119,894 pounds some time last year ,a report from the state Department of Natural Resources website said.

Bp oil spill

Bp's tallys showed 3.1 million oily debris in the first 9 months later it showed 941,000 pounds a year ago.

oil desaster

On day 3 of the oil spill the deep water horizan sinks to the bottom of the Gulf. later that day oil is gushing from the southern pipeline connected to the blow out proventer for short the bop.

BP Oil Spill Timeline


By: Trent and Jaxon