Pioneer Mustangs

Attendance Incentive Program

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

One of the school wide initiatives we would like to launch this academic year is a strong attendance incentive program. A huge thanks to all who have shared ideas so far on how we can increase student attendance and develop a solid plan. Any further ideas and suggestions regarding our plan are always welcomed. We will definitely discuss its implementation at one of our Monday Staff Meetings. Pioneer MS has secured $4,000 from LCAP Funds to be used for this program. We are asking for everyone's support in encouraging our Students to be at school every day and on time and to work hard towards earning our various incentives. Attendance is one of the most important things that correlate to academic success. Help us make reducing absences and tardies a year-long school wide effort. Thank you for your support and ideas!

The following is our proposed Pioneer MS Attendance Incentive Program:

  • Establish Quarterly Rewards which are long enough for Students to establish and monitor their Attendance Goals and stay motivated
  • Incentives would start over at the beginning of next quarter so that all Students start off being eligible

Tiered Attendance Incentive Program

Attendance Incentives by Individual Students

The following is our proposed Tiered Attendance Program in which individual Students would qualify by meeting the following requirements (per quarter):

  • No more than 2 absences (98% Attendance)
  • No more than one tardy
  • No Teacher referrals
  • No detentions
  • No in-school motivation
  • No suspensions

Attendance Incentives by Grades

The following are proposed Attendance Incentives by Grades:

  • 6th Grade (Popcorn, Drink, & a Movie)
  • 7th Grade (Root Beer Floats)
  • 8th Grade (Tacos)

Attendance Incentives by Class

The following are our proposed Attendance Incentives by Class:

  • The first period class with the highest average attendance and fewest number of tardies will earn a Donut Party and a "Brag Flag."

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