Life in the city

The Life of Luke

On the job as a newsie I work by the park to sell papes. I generally sell the newsnpapers in this area because a lot of people like to read the news paper while they hang around in in then park or as the go home from work.
When I go to work I usually wear my old short pants and my old button up shirt, nothing spectacular. I don't have enough money to buy shoes so I walk around bear footed but sometimes that makes people feel bad and gets them to buy a newspaper. I also where my fathers old hat he gave me, it was his when he was a boy, he gave it to me before he died. My mother died shorty after, it just me and my brother now.

Rite now I'm waiting by the park so when people start getting out of work ill be caught at rush hour to try and sell some papes. This is really one of the best time to sell the newspapers.

Time seems like it goes on forever when I'm waiting.

I know I'm not like other children because most kids have a home and live with their parents or guardian but not me, I live in an ally with my brother. But I suppose in some way I am like them,

I go to school and play outside but unlike them I head to get my newspapers rite after school.

So as soon as I wake up I grab what ever I can from trash cans and them I'm on my way to school. After school I run to get my newspapers and walk down to the park and wait for rush hour to try and sell them.

I don't really like they way I live. I want to live a normal life with a family fresh clothes on my back and real food to eat. I want to be like the other kids from school. I hate being poor and no home and no clean clothes and no parents!
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