All about me.


Growing Up.

My name is Mohamed Shiwoko.I was born in Africa in Kenya.I like to draw and my

favorite sport is soccer.My birth day is December 4th,2002.I have 10 brothers and 10

sisters.All of my sisters are older than me and I have 5 younger brothers 3 of my sisters

are married,1 goes to college,2 go to high school,1 goes to middle school,and 1 comes here to Losninos.

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How I learned to play soccer

I learned to play soccer when I was six.I learned from my teacher and my cousin my

teacher taught me how to pass and stop the ball my cousin taught me how to do tricks

but i'm not so good in them.I also learned from the tv .A few other tricks I learned by

looking at people play.

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Best Soccer Tricks - Must See!

What I like to do

I like to draw and I like to play games and watch tv .My favorite show is Avatar .My favorite game to play is tanki online.I draw animals and random things.What I want to be when I grow up is a soccer player.I practice with my brothers but we always kick the ball in the neighbers yard or on the roof.


I learned english when I was eight I had a toutor come to my house and teach me and I also learned from the teachers at school.
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