By:Colin Flynn

What is the disease and its symptoms?

My disease is malaria and its symptoms are fever, chills, headaches, sweats, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting

What body system does malaria affect?

Malaria affects the brain and the rest of the nervous system

How does malaria spread to others?

Malaria is spread by the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito

How can malarias spread be prevented?

First a antimalarial drug, second, use mosquito control, and finally, get a vaccination

Any vaccine or cure for malaria?

There is no commerically available malaria vaccine because of the complexity of a malaria parasite

What are a persons chances of survival if they have contracted malaria?

There chances of survival will decrease within the first years of having malaria

How does the doctor diagonose malaria? Will blood be drawn or other tests be conducted?

The doctor will suspect that you have malaria if your first blood test comes out negative. Blood will be drawn from the persons body

How long will the patient remain sick? Is there a treatment to ease the symptoms?

A patient will remain sick 6-8 days after being bit. Medicine can usually treat the symptoms

What do you recommend people do to avoid getting the disease?

Use insect repellant and also find out if you are in an area where a lot of people have had or has malaria

What do you recommend people do to avoid transmitting malaria to others?

If you have malaria, don't make contact with others because malaria is spread by casual contact

What do you recommend populations do to combat the disease?

The malaria burden can be reduced if the health systems strengthen and malaria control have reciprocal beneficial affects
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