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Random Notes for P4 Folks

Catching up on the what not

Why another newsletter?

You have enough to read (or delete), right?

Yes, yes. Entirely true.

So this one will be brief, infrequent, bring tidings of fun P4 specific gatherings, and hopefully not annoy you too much. Keep me posted on how that last bit's going...

Many thanks, Stephanie

Cupcake Walk Around the World

Cupcake-fueled Madness at Cultural Fest (sponsored by you!)

So P4 has been charged with the operation of the most coveted spot in all of cultural fest--the cupcake walk. We're jazzing it up a bit with the "around the world" theme--and the glorious map makers of p4 are helping with the decor.

What can you do? So glad you asked!!!

~Sign up to bring a dozen cupcakes ( store or home made)--we still need 3 dozen more---

~Sign up to operate this musical mayhem ( 30 minute shifts)

~Donate any extra paper maps you have that are sitting around collecting dust

I'll put up a paper sign up outside the class tomorrow morning, in case that's easiest for some. Feel free to email or text me if you're interested in helping out, though.Thanks!

Stephanie Owens, Eleanor & Simon's mom and P4 room mom

Cultural Fest 2013

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 3-6pm

1503 Morgan Lane

Austin, TX

Ways you can participate:

- RSVP & bring a dish that represents your heritage to the event ( you'll fill out an ingredient list when arrive, so know what's in it!)

- Donate cupcakes to the P4 cupcake walk (see above)

- Sign up to help setting up and breaking down if you can
- Consider taking part in the first ever open mic (contact Laura In the office if you're interested)

Visit Athena's sign up genius page at

P4 get togethers, play dates and impromptus

I'm looking at a holiday gathering of some sort (trail of lights?), and counting on at least one play date over the holiday break--bouncing, bowling or breaking in the new children's museum? If you have a preference, let me know! Or suggest other possibilities. Or run with your own idea! The point is to get together, keep the kids busy and connect with friends. It doesn't hurt to talk to other parents whose kids are going through the same terrific and/or trying stages. We are your village!

Looking for other ways to help out around campus?

The staff recently discussed their desires and made a list of wishes and ways in which they'd love extra support:

  • Laundry angels
  • Organizing donated items for holiday or other lessons, such as apples, pumpkins, fresh flowers
  • Helping make materials/cut paper/arts and crafts
  • Support with making copies, laminating, etc.
  • Managing Wish List for classroom items

I'll keep you posted, as we hear more specific requests.