Thales Theorem

Brittin Evenson

About The Mathematician

Thales was a philosipher who came up with many theories, even outside of math.

He was born in Mietus in 624 B.C., and died there in 546 B.C.

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The Theorem

"The converse of Thales Theorem is useful when you are trying to find the center of a circle. Using the diameter of a circle as the base of a triangle with the apex on that circle, means that this triangle will be a right triangle and the diameter will be the hypotenuse of that triangle. Since the diameter passes through the center, by drawing two such diameters the center is found at the point where the diameters intersect."

To make this easier, you will need to know that an apex is the top of the circle, and the hypotenuse is the longer side of the right triangle. First, use the diameter of the circle as your base for your right triangle. Then, you will need to put the apex on the top of the circle. The diameter will be the longer side of the right triangle. You will draw the same right triangle diagonal from the one you just drew, and where the two points meet is the center of your circle.

Using This Theorem in The Real World

Many different jobs have to use geometry and this theorem. Some career examples include architects, car designers, and most manufacturing careers. They have to use (cut, draw, etc.) specific measurements and angles, and this theorem helps them to do so.
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See all of those different angles that Architects have to use?