What's Happening in First Grade?

First Things First

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them this semester. They are serious, fun-loving, sweet, and spicy all at the same time!

We have been working hard this semester, and I just wanted to give you an update on our year so far.

Our first project this semester was to become familiar with power point. The students will be using this technology in the spring when we do research projects. In order to learn the technology, we started with a very familiar topic, our favorite things.

Creating a power point involves many skills, such as; keyboarding, finding, inserting, resizing, copying and pasting pictures, spell checking, inserting text boxes, and choosing fonts and backgrounds.

We also worked on our presentation skills as they presented their power points to their classmates.

Cookies and Science! A Great Combination!

We used Oreos as our topic to explore many scientific processes. The students entered the Oreo project This is an online project where children around the country turn in data about stacking Oreos. Students are asked to see how many Oreos they can stack and turn in their class average. However, we couldn't just stop there, so we used this as a way to explore the scientific process. The students recorded the question asked, formed a hypothesis about how many they could stack and tried it! With a partner, they stacked the cookies two separate times while their partner kept track of the amount stacked.

Within this unit we also performed triangulation tests where we looked at 2 regular Oreos and one fat free Oreo to see if we could discover the differences between how they look, feel, and taste. We also looked at food labels, left cookies out to check for grease stains over time, created survey questions, and conducted a survey of adults on our campus. The students were very professional and scientific!

We used our creativity to invent new flavors and the designs for new Oreos. Some of them sound delicious! We created debossed designs for our new cookies just like the ones used in Oreo assembly lines.

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Coding and Robots

You may have heard your child talk about the Hour of Code. Well we have been doing quite a bit of coding in class. In the spring, as part of our research, the kids will begin using Lego WeDo. This is a robotics program for elementary students. In order to build and program their robot, they will need to do some basic block coding. We'll keep you posted about that.

Have a safe and restful break! The new year will be exciting!