New Discovery Made

Rare and Trilling Creature Found

The Hammerhead Titanothere

The Hammerhead Titanothere was discovered by paleontologists Jose F. Bonaparte. It was discovered in South America on one of Bonaparte's expeditions. The Hammerhead Titanothere has many different colors to it's body, but is mostly a dark brown with some purple shades on it. They have unusual body anatomy including a body armor on the top of the animals back and side as well as a warning system of feathers letting the surrounding forces know when it is going to attack. It breaths from the side of it's neck with respiratory holes. It has four eyes on the side of its face. They are a hexopodal animal which means they have six legs. The Hammerhead Titanothere is heterotrophic meaning it eat food made from other things. They eat plant life from the forests. With this new discovery we could be learning more about our past ancestors.
Article by Kristin Yocum