Book Report 4

Part 2

Why I read this book

I read this book because I like sports and I'm interested in the life of Jackie Robinson and segregation.

Why you should read this book

This book is filled with information and fun facts, has a great tone/mood, and is in 3rd person.

Information and Facts


The tone/mood of this book is amazing, it is melancholy in the beginning, but as the story goes on, hope appears for black people in the 1900's. This gives you a feeling of joy when you are reading the book.

Sad- "Jackie could see that his chances of getting ahead in a world run by whites were slim."

Pg. 11-12

Happy- "Tired of begging for their rights, many blacks, especially the young ones, were demanding them." Pg. 111

3rd Person

This book is written in 3rd person which mostly shadows the life of jackie Robinson but sometimes follows Branch and Rachel. Because it is in 3rd person, it informs the reader what Jackie is thinking as well as what is happening away from jackie, which lets the reader obtain more information.

"Rickey wasn't worried about Jackie's baseball ability. He was concerned with the rest. He and Jackie would be fighting alone." Pg. 56

What if you don't like sports?

If sports is not your favorite topic, this is still a book for you because it isn't all about sports. During most of the book, it teaches you so much about segregation and how hard it was for colored people during the early 1900's to do almost anything, and how the world has changed since then.

Clip from 42

42 Movie CLIP - Get Me Up (2013) - Jackie Robinson Movie HD