Adopt Don't Shop

Adpot a dog or cat from your local rescue!

Planning on adding a new furry friend to the family?

Adopting a dog or cat is a great way to add a loving new family member while doings some good! Adopting an animal saves lives and you can find some very unique, one of a kind pets at the shelter.

Can't find a shelter near you?

Recently people have been transforming shelter rescues into foster rescues. Fosters are people who take adoptable dogs and cats in till they find a home so they don't have to live in a kennel. There are awesome websites like that help people all over the country find adoptable dogs and cats near them!

Still not convinced adpoting is right for you?

Pros of adopting!

Adopting not only saves lives but you can find the right animal for your current situation! Maybe you don't have time for a puppy but would still like the energy of a younger dog, there are plenty of young dogs ready for a home! Do you live in an apartment and would like some company but someone who doesn't need your attention 24/7 there are loads of more independent cats looking for a forever home! There are animals of every kind that fit your exact life style just waiting to start an adventure with you!