Mr. Floor's 5th Grade News

Week of 9/12

What's Happening This Week!

Important Dates to Remember!

  • 9/15- Chic-Fil-A Night
  • 9/21- Science Unit 1 Test (may be given as late as the 23rd depending on student understanding)
  • 9/23- Math Quiz

From The Teacher

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and I apologize for this not being sent out earlier this week.

Parents/ guardians that are interested in volunteering their time throughout the school year, please email me.

If you have not signed your student's garden permission slip, I need them signed and returned by Friday otherwise your student cannot participate in the garden lessons that start on Monday.

Please make sure you are checking the Thursday folder, taking out things that are to stay home, and signing and returning all things that need to be returned.

Next week I will be sending home students' Redbird Math sheets. Redbird is a mathematical program that tracks students' progress through standards they may have not mastered in previous years. On the sheet, it will show how to access it at home as well as a way to log your student's time spent on the program. It is not mandatory, however, is recommended that your student get at least 20 minutes of practice a night on the program. Students do have access to the games on the program, however, the time spent on the games cannot count towards the recommended 20 minutes. For every 20 minutes that is completed at home, the student will receive a point towards a class wide prize.

Please be monitoring your student's agenda and homework completion. This is essential so students can fully grasp the complicated concepts in 5th grade. We have had numerous students not completing homework and it is directly relating to the understanding of the course material. You student will have homework every night unless I say otherwise.

Mrs. Wilkins and I are hard at work to get conference sign up times for you. It is looking like we will start in October. If something urgent comes up where you need to meet with us before then, please contact us.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the grade level has decided to push the Science Unit 1 test back to sometime next week, to give the students enough time to grasp the material.

Below is a link to the change of transportation form that must be filled out any time your student has a change of transportation.

Below is a link to update your contact information in the school's system.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me.