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April 22, 2019

Principals Message

Central to anything that occurs in your classroom is culture. Culture plays a role in communicating and receiving information. It may also shape the thinking process of your students. Therefore, a culturally responsive classroom acknowledges, responds, and celebrates fundamental cultures to provide a full and equitable access to education for students from all cultures.

Culturally responsive teaching is an instructional model that recognizes the importance of including students' cultural characteristics in all aspects of learning. Practicing this in our school may include communicating high expectations for all students, learning with the context of culture, and positive perspectives of parents and families. This type of instruction must also be student-centered with the teacher acting as a facilitator. Consider the following relevant quote by Harvard University Anthropologist Philip Bock: Culture is what makes you a stranger when you are away from home...

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Attendance Rate for the Week

6th Grade 98.86%

7th Grade 99.22%

8th Grade 100%

9th Grade 99.14%

10th Grade 98.21%

11th Grade 96.43%

12th Grade 99.11%

Every day COUNTS! School success starts with attendance.

Calendar of Events

Monday, 4/22

Bad Weather Day

Tuesday, 4/23

MS Spinal Screenings in Athletics (Girls)

TSI Math for Juniors

Dual Credit Registration

7th Grade Reading Benchmark

5:00 pm Baseball @ Olton

Wednesday, 4/24

7:30 am HS EOC STAAR Training

TSI Reading & Writing for Juniors

Dual Credit Registration

7th Grade Math Benchmark

Thursday, 4/25

7:30 am MS STAAR Training

Dual Credit Registration

MS Spinal Screenings (8th Grade Boys)

8th Grade Science Benchmark

5:45 pm Softball vs Follett @ Randell HS

Friday, 4/26

Food Friday

Band Trip to Dallas

A&P Field Trip to West Texas A&M

HS Regional Track @ Levelland

4:00 pm Grades Due

Saturday, 4/27

Band Trip to Dallas

HS Regional Track @ Levelland

FFA @ Texas Tech

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Hector O. Dominguez, Jr.