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August 24-September 4

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Our 1st Quarter Writing Work Sample will be due on September 8th. We will be starting it in classes during the week of August 24th and students will turn in their completed TGA via Seesaw by September 8th. See attachment below for directions. (Directions for uploading to Seesaw will come soon.)


During the next two weeks, there will be several lessons that include a "Part 2" on the same day as the main lesson. See below for adjustments to the main lessons to accommodate for the work in Part 2:

Unit 1 Lesson 3: Complete only numbers 1 and 3 in the activity book

Unit 1 Lesson 6: Complete only the odd-numbered problems in the activity book

Unit 1 Lesson 7: Complete only number 1 in the activity book

Unit 1 Lesson 11: Complete only the odd-numbered problems in the activity book

Unit 1 Lesson 12: Complete only the odd-numbered problems in the activity book

Our 1st Quarter Math TGA will be due on September 10th. It will be the Big Ideas Mini Project from Math Unit 1, Lesson 15. We will start it in class and students will turn in their completed TGA via Seesaw by September 10th.


Elective (Art, Music, Foreign Language) and PE courses will start on September 1st.


Student Grades & the Daily Plan in the OLS

Over the past few days, several families have asked about their child’s grades within the gradebook. At this time, we are continuing to adjust settings within the gradebook as well as adjust the expected progress – or the overall number of lessons – that students will complete within each course for the school year. We anticipate having this all adjusted by Friday, August 28th. For now, please be aware that grades may not accurately reflect your child’s current grade.

Additionally, we are continuing to adjust the daily plan for students in the OLS to align to assignments on the Bison On-Track calendar. This should all be completed by the end of the day today, August 21st. We appreciate your patience as both of these are items that cannot be completed until the first day of school and we work on them behind the scenes after classes and communications with families. If you continue to see a discrepancy beginning Monday, August 31st, please contact your homeroom teacher and we will look at this on a student by student basis.

Please don’t worry about grades during the first few days of school. These days are spent learning routines and getting to know students as you build a foundation for the year. Teachers will alert you to when everything is ready and you can start monitoring gradebooks. For now, just remember daily logging in and using the Bison On-Track Calendar is the priority.

NewRow is Here!

Here are some helpful tips for using NewRow for our class connects:

  • Use Google Chrome for your browser.
  • Once logged into NewRow for class, use the Quick Tech Check to test your devices and make sure everything is working properly. (Bookmark this page!)
  • If you come across any issues during classes, refresh the page.

OLS Announcements

This year, we have a new student view for the OLS. It is fun and easy to use! We strongly encourage students to use this new view, as the old OLS will not be available next year. The learning coach account view will remain the same. As a reminder, both students and learning coaches should be logging in daily!

In order for lessons to be counted mastered and complete, students need to earn 80% or higher. If your student earns less than 80%, have them review and retake the lesson. If you need more attempts, contact your homeroom teacher.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • September 1st: Electives and PE Start
  • September 7th: Labor Day-No School
  • September 8th: Quarter 1 Writing Work Sample Due
  • September 10th: Quarter 1 Math TGA Due
  • September 24th: Quarter 1 Writing TGA Due

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Bison On Track Calendars and Newsletters

You will be able to find current and past Bison On Track Calendars and Newsletters on the school website.

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If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.

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