The Life of Benjamin Antrobus

My Great Grandfather on my Moms Side

The Beginning of Ben's Life

Benjamin Antrobus was born on July 5th, 1923, in Riverside California. His parents were Bergie Addington , and Henry Antrobus. He was born into a big family of 4 siblings, (not including him). He had 3 older sisters, whose names were Josephine, Mary Jane, and Harriette. He also had an older brother named Jim Bob. When he was born there was a lot going on in his family. His brother Jim Bob was really sick, his father Harry and his mother Bergie were getting divorced, and on top of all that, Bergie had just dropped an axe on her foot while she was working, causing her severe damage. 'Cause all of this was going on, his mothers family pressured his mom to give him to his Aunt Nell til his mom got her life in order. So, after he was born, he was given to his Aunt Nellie. Once he was given to his Aunt, him and his Aunt moved to Ohio. Aunt Nell told Ben's mom that she would give Ben back to her after 6 months, but she ended up giving him back to his mom about 6-7 years later. The thing is, that Ben was raised by his Aunt since he was a baby, so his Aunt was the only Mom he had ever known. So, he thought that his Aunt was his Mom, and that his real mom was his Aunt. He thought this til he was about 6 or 7 years old, when his Aunt gave him back to his mom. As you can imagine, once he found out about this, it was a very large adjustment for him. Imagine thinking your mom was your Aunt, and one of your Aunts was your mom, and how weird that would be.

Teen & Adult Life

After the thing with his mom, and after moving back in with her, Ben had a fairly normal teen life. He went to High school at San Bernardino High School in California, and he graduated in 1938. Then he went to college and graduated, though I couldn't find out where. After graduation he met my great grandmother, Ruth Roberts, and they got married in 1940 on October 8th. A year after, in 1941, Ben went into the Navy for World War 2. He was deported to Hawaii, though he didn't really see any action. Once he left the Army, he moved back to San Bernardino. He continued to help work for the army at Norton's Air Force Base. He wasn't a part of the army any more, but he worked as an Air Traffic Control Civilian Employee. He had 2 children with his wife, Ruth Roberts. Their children's names were Micheal Antrobus, (my grandpa) who was born in 1947, and James Antrobus, (my would-be 2nd Uncle, but he died from diabetes before I was born), James was born in 1942. Ben later got divorced from Ruth, and got re-married to Gloria Rossi, though they didn't have any more children.

The End of Bens Life

After Ben married Gloria Rossi, his life went on. His son Michael Antrobus went on to graduate college, and start a family of his own. His son James Antrobus sadly died of diabetes when he was in his 20's after fighting in the Civil War. Ben had a long fulfilling life with his family, and he lived a long time. One day, when Ben was 83, he had a really bad fall. He was sent to the hospital, but he since was very old and the fall caused a lot of trauma, he died of a heart-attack a couple days later in 2003.