The Recipe for Disaster!

The American Civil War


. 1 cup of the south

. 1 cup of the north

. 1/2 cup of slaves

. 1 tbsp of the fugitive slave law

. 1 tbsp of angry Northerners

. 2 cups of John Brown

. 1 cup of Uncle Tom's Cabin

. 1/3 cup of the Election of 1860

. 3 cups of the civil war


. preheat oven to 350

. add north and south into a medium sized bowl.

. mix together till evenly mixed

. add fugitive slave law and angry northerners into a seperate bowl

.add John Brown and uncle tom's cabin with north and south and mix

.add election, civil war and the angry northerners and slave law into one big bowl

. stir and put into oven for 8-12 minutes