Library Poems

By: Telly Daniels

Low Music

Red , blue , purple too.

Night , day and scary blue.

Bright green , a white tooth.

Pink tea , an orange screw.

by : Telly Daniels


I scored 21 points in basketball

practice the other day.

It washot as the out


They thought I was quick as lighting.

As I zipped passed by 5 guys

making them look foolish.

Istop 2 form the 3

and shot the ball.

The ball went into the net

like butter.

Which gave me 21 points

Donut Life

Life is like a Donut ;

you don't know what

there filled with.

Your Diet will be ruined.

Dont's may be great and

mouth watering , but don't let

your eyes fool your Diet.

Or you might be eating cheese.

Nature Walk

See trees with yellow and

green leaves

The wind wristling thought

the trees

Sap in the air

The syurp oozing out

the Maple Trees

Jaget rocks cutting the

solesof my shoes.

Elegy to My New Pants

Oh why it have to end this way.

Could't you have gotten a trash.

Why did it have to be me.

Thease pants were looking fine on my behind.

Tom I forgive you , but why did't,

you puke in the teacher too-too.

It would match her eyes.

But why my new pants.

The way you looked on me.

All the girls would stare as I walked by.

My shoes and shirt were cold than ice it went great with those jeans of mean.

But now I'm fine sitting in the office

with every eye on me.

Mom is coming to pick me up.

I just might be in for a prize.

Art Day

Blue , red , green

this paint smells like cheese.

Why does my yellow look purple .

Orange , brown , white.

Johns pants are looking tite.

Pattys hair now has highlights.

Ode to Beach

Oh Ilove going to the beach,

but it smells like feet.

But all this sand is making my feet dry,

Then I see the tide wave good-bye.

As I run for the water it pushed.

I told mama the beach is mean she shushed.

I ran back in hoping we were friends.

, I thought it was the end.

I was spashing and dashing.

We crashed , while the water and sand ,

crushed us. We went back out and ate.

Me and my family ate watermelon and danced.

The Acossstic Poem as 5/6

T – My favorite Teletubbies

E – 1st animal was an Elephant

L – First basketball game I saw Los Angeles Laker

L – I was very lazy

Y – Yelled alot

D – Favorite Drink was Tropical Punch

A – I was born in America

N – Never got a red card

I – Favorite food was Ice cream

E – Escaped from my grandma all the time

L – Always went to sleep late

S – Shy

Acossstic Poem The Future

T – Tilted a book

E – Established a basketball league for kids

L – Learn of to fly

L – Learn to drive stick

Y – Yell at a wolf

D –

A – Attend Collage

N – Say No to Drugs protest

I – Install Cable

E – Go to ride the End of the world

L – Vist the Leaning Tower

S – Learn to Swim