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Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. Broken ankle. Boutique shopping in Paris. Appendicitis. Mission work in Ghana. Malaria. Teaching English to Chinese students. Food poisoning. Developing new business in Saudi Arabia. Auto accident.

Traveling or living abroad can be an exciting experience. But anything can happen. So you can get the most of your global experience, when the Unexpected occurs, World Travelers Insurance is there for you - It's our specialty.

You've waited a long time for that well-deserved vacation. You've booked your trip and updated your passport. Your bags are packed and waiting by the door. The day has finally arrived. You are traveling abroad and have a full itinerary planned for your short trip. Traveling abroad is an exciting experience – from planning your trip to everything that you do while you're away.

But unpredictable illnesses and accidents can happen and the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming. To help you get the most of your global experience and provide you with peace of mind. We offer several short-term international travels medical insurance plans to protect you while away from home and top-notch services to help ease the stress of unfamiliar medical systems.

Whether you need short-term, individual coverage for a vacation or group coverage for your employees in locations around the world, World Travelers Insurance has a product to meet your needs.

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