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5th Grade Weekly Newsletter 2/17/2017

News From STEM!


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Humanities News

Step Count!

We discussed at conferences with many families about making sure students are actually doing these step reading while at home. You can follow up with making sure by asking your child questions about what they are reading and listen closely to their answers. Some things you can say to your child is:
1) Tell me more about the character.
2) How would you describe the character and what evidence in the text supports that?
3) What is the main problem in the story? Who is involved in the problem?
4) Make a predication, how do you think the problem will be solved?
5) How was the problem solved in the story?

Raz Kids

The students are welcome to read online books at at home if they would like. This can count as their 2 steps of at home reading. If you need help getting connected to your child's account, please let us know. Part of RAZ kids is for the students to take (and pass) a quiz when they are done.

5th Grade Humanities Teachers

This is our 5th year co-teaching together. We believe that all students can achieve at high levels. We will strive to get the best out of your students each and every day.

5th Grade STEM Teachers

This is our 2nd year co-teaching together. We are having a great time teaching and learning with our class. Even though we cheer for different football teams, we get a long in the classroom and strive to help students reach their full potential!