Our Favorities!

What is your favorite TV program?

We all watch TV and enjoy

Park Seol Hee likes The drama Lost girl`s CG.

Baek Young Seon like Lost because korea actor appearing in the drama.

Kang ji yun enjoy the thrilling, so like the bone

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

Park Seol Hee read Time magazine was hard to understand also no fun.

Kang Ji Yun interested in fashion, she ofter read elle girl, Also Baek Young Seon like fasion, he read Teen Vogue.

로스트4 드라마큐브에서 매일 밤 10시
본즈 시즌7_ 본즈,부스 케미 뮤직비디오

Which game show do you like the best? Why?

Justin Bieber - Glice Skit on SNL

I like ' SNL ' It shows already end, I watch and enjoy.

This show is Social satire show. they tell the truth at us

Also very funny, That made interested in me.

What commercialts do you like and hate the most?

미국 광고는 정말 대단해...
[FedEx] Zombie & Package

A cute advertisement is Literally very cute. It is a car advertisement.

About, War being, appear one car. and rat get out of a car. and That suddenly dancing be excited. Seeing It the soldier copy dancing. So war is end. It`s funny advertisement.

Another advertisement is a zombie advertisement. it`s a little gross. Content is interesting

but some little gross. it made unpleasant. so I hate This.

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